Friday, May 30, 2008

About my blog

I have a friend whose blog has all words and no pictures. I have another friend whose blog has all pictures and only three words other than the ones that blogger puts there (the date stamp and # of comments). But most of the blogs I've visited have a little bit of both. That is probably how mine is going to be. There may be days when I don't have time to post a picture, so I just tell you a little about my day, and there will be other days when I don't have time to describe the pictures I post, or I *might* even do a photo tutorial! However, today, on this my second day of having a blog, I am going to attempt to post a VIDEO!!! Here's my DD "rockin' out" to a Toby Mac song. Enjoy!


Beth said...

Woohoo! I'm post #2! :-)
She is just totally adorable (but you know that)! The kids get such a kick out of this - TFS!

lindseylew4u said...

I think that video was cute and hilarious. It made my day.