Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SCHOOL'S OUT! ...AJ's turn

Wednesday, May 20, was the 'real' last day of school for both kids. AJ's class had a water day. This was a pose from her Cuddlebug tap dance in the recital; she now uses it often in front of the camera.
There she goes.
Okay, maybe not. Perhaps if I help. Nothing beats a wet pair of jeans.
Time for a popsicle break.
Next they went inside for cake. Popsicles followed by cake...why not, it's the last day of school. Yes, I made the cake. I didn't want to do an icing border (I was worried I would run out of icing; I wouldn't have), so I used jumbo sprinkles around the top edge.
Time for dress up~AJ's favorite part of school. Looks like AJ is the fairest one of all!
We finished the day on the playground. A perfect ending for a perfect day, but AJ can't wait for school to start again!
The next evening, her teacher hosted an art show. Here is AJ & her exhibit.
Here's what she wrote:
"Hi! My name is {AJ} and I am three years old. I live at {Our Road} with my daddy, my mommy and my {DJ}. My favorite color is all the colors in the whole world. When I am playing at home my favorite toy is my chickey. When I am playing at school, my favorite toy is dress up. When I get hungry, I like to eat sandwiches. When I grow up I want to be a princess because they are good. "
Others in her class wanted to be "like my daddy because he is grown up," "a farmer because they have animals and they can ride on horses and milk cows," "a police officer because they are cool," "a race car driver because I like Dale Jr." (that was a girl), and my favorite "a pharmacist because my Grandpa is and I think he would like it if I was."

Sweet wishes!

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