Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, it's been out for over two weeks, so I suppose it's time to share some pictures. We'll start with DJ. He had his Kindergarten graduation/awards ceremony on May 18. Here he is receiving the certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Math. He had the highest math test score average of his class. Michael is so proud to have another nerd in the family already.
Standing proud with his Kindergarten diploma. (Yes, he got a much needed haircut a few days later.)
After the awards ceremony was over, their portfolios picked up, and pictures with the teacher taken, they were dismissed for a family day. We went to the park.

AJ found a tiny puppy. (Okay, I just realized that sounds a little funny. The owner of the puppy was at the park too, there wasn't just a random puppy that AJ happened upon.)
DJ spotted some military helicopters.
The next day was the incentive trip. Kindergartners were able to earn the trip by having perfect attendance or having pulled 18 or fewer passes per 9-week grading period. (Pulling passes is bad.) The incentive trip was to the roller skating rink. DJ had never been roller skating. I had an interview that morning~no, I did not get the job~so as soon as that was over, I headed to the skating rink to make sure everything was okay.
Obviously not the best pictures in the world, but pretty funny. He fell down SO many times, but he can't wait to go roller skating again.
Sweet wishes!

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