Friday, February 19, 2010

The kids and their new stuff

I mentioned in a previous post that AJ recently turned 4. DJ will be turning 7 soon, and we celebrated with a joint birthday party last weekend. I promise to post pictures from the party soon, but today both of them (finally) got their birthday presents. We had AJ's bedding picked out, but it took a while to order and receive it. Obviously, she LOVES it!
And now, we wii. I called and looked online at every possible retailer in the greater eastern Tennessee area, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Asheville, and everywhere in between, and no one had the wii game systems in stock. We finally decided to print a picture of a wii to present to DJ at his party, and we reserved one through our local Game Stop. It arrived yesterday, and Michael pulled an almost all-nighter getting it set up for DJ to discover when we got home this afternoon.
It was so cute because DJ saw the box with AJ's bedding when we got home from gymnastics, and he got so excited for her. He was on the phone with Michael at the time and he said to him, "Maybe my wii will come tomorrow." I told him to turn around, and when he saw it sitting there, he almost started hyperventilating.
He's already a pro-bowler!

Sweet wishes!

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