Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A LOT can happen in a week

Last week Michael and I served on staff at AFFIRM 2009. AFFIRM is a week long annual summer camp for youth in the Southeastern Synod of the ELCA. Michael and I met at AFFIRM '92; we danced with each other at the dance that year. I attended AFFIRM as a participant for 6 years, and have been back as a member of the staff 8 years and as a visitor once (the summer after DJ was born, Michael was the assistant director and I tagged along).

There is so much to tell about AFFIRM that I could go on for days, but I'll spare you. I will say that after overcoming a few hurdles during the beginning of the week, last week was the best experience I have ever had at AFFIRM [and no, I don't say that every year]. I was on the staff of Worshiptivity, which is the group responsible for planning worship for all 250+ youth and 80+ staff. We only had six youth in our group this year, but they were AWESOME!!! They worked hard, were willing to do anything they were asked (most of the time), gave up some of their free time to get extra stuff done, and totally rocked worship!

One image we like to use on staff is that of planting seeds. During the time we spend with our youth at AFFIRM, seeds of God's love and grace are planted. We might not see the fruits of our labor during that week, but lives are changed. We may never see the youth "get it," but we know that in God's time His seeds will flourish.

So speaking of flourishing seeds, we picked this beauty the day before leaving for AFFIRM. We weren't able to eat it, so I took it and gave it to my mom.

Then we came home to all this:

A gigantic cucumber on the vine.
The same cucumber in my hand.
Three large squash on their bush (and one small one).
An enormous zucchini.
Our first harvest.
See what I mean, a LOT can happen in a week. Lives are changed and produce explodes.

Sweet wishes!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Gone...Again

"What's gone?" you ask...take a look.

AJ before.
AJ after.

Then it was my turn.
(So my beautician isn't the best photographer in the world; she's a beautician, and she did a great job on my hair.) ;-)

Where did it go?
Nowhere yet, but it's headed to Locks of Love. This will be my third time donating, and I think this is the longest my hair has been after it was cut, so I'm sure I'll be chopping it again in 3 years or less.

Sweet wishes!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SCHOOL'S OUT! ...AJ's turn

Wednesday, May 20, was the 'real' last day of school for both kids. AJ's class had a water day. This was a pose from her Cuddlebug tap dance in the recital; she now uses it often in front of the camera.
There she goes.
Okay, maybe not. Perhaps if I help. Nothing beats a wet pair of jeans.
Time for a popsicle break.
Next they went inside for cake. Popsicles followed by cake...why not, it's the last day of school. Yes, I made the cake. I didn't want to do an icing border (I was worried I would run out of icing; I wouldn't have), so I used jumbo sprinkles around the top edge.
Time for dress up~AJ's favorite part of school. Looks like AJ is the fairest one of all!
We finished the day on the playground. A perfect ending for a perfect day, but AJ can't wait for school to start again!
The next evening, her teacher hosted an art show. Here is AJ & her exhibit.
Here's what she wrote:
"Hi! My name is {AJ} and I am three years old. I live at {Our Road} with my daddy, my mommy and my {DJ}. My favorite color is all the colors in the whole world. When I am playing at home my favorite toy is my chickey. When I am playing at school, my favorite toy is dress up. When I get hungry, I like to eat sandwiches. When I grow up I want to be a princess because they are good. "
Others in her class wanted to be "like my daddy because he is grown up," "a farmer because they have animals and they can ride on horses and milk cows," "a police officer because they are cool," "a race car driver because I like Dale Jr." (that was a girl), and my favorite "a pharmacist because my Grandpa is and I think he would like it if I was."

Sweet wishes!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, it's been out for over two weeks, so I suppose it's time to share some pictures. We'll start with DJ. He had his Kindergarten graduation/awards ceremony on May 18. Here he is receiving the certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Math. He had the highest math test score average of his class. Michael is so proud to have another nerd in the family already.
Standing proud with his Kindergarten diploma. (Yes, he got a much needed haircut a few days later.)
After the awards ceremony was over, their portfolios picked up, and pictures with the teacher taken, they were dismissed for a family day. We went to the park.

AJ found a tiny puppy. (Okay, I just realized that sounds a little funny. The owner of the puppy was at the park too, there wasn't just a random puppy that AJ happened upon.)
DJ spotted some military helicopters.
The next day was the incentive trip. Kindergartners were able to earn the trip by having perfect attendance or having pulled 18 or fewer passes per 9-week grading period. (Pulling passes is bad.) The incentive trip was to the roller skating rink. DJ had never been roller skating. I had an interview that morning~no, I did not get the job~so as soon as that was over, I headed to the skating rink to make sure everything was okay.
Obviously not the best pictures in the world, but pretty funny. He fell down SO many times, but he can't wait to go roller skating again.
Sweet wishes!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please help!

Thebreastcancersite fell short of their goal for May, so they have extended the deadline for reaching 250 mammograms. Please visit thebreastcancersite every day and click on the pink "Click to Give" button. You will change lives with just the click of a button!

Sweet wishes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Super Retiring Stamp Set Sale!
June 1-30, 2009

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Sweet wishes!


It's that time once again...time to bid a fond farewell to those stamp sets and accessories that will be retiring with the Spring~Summer 2009 IB&C. Be sure to check out the post below this one for My Super Retiring Stamp Set Sale! These posts will remain at the top of my blog throughout June. Please scroll down to view current updates.

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Sweet wishes!