Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More of what you missed

Here are some more of my pictures from October. After this installment, I think all that's left will be Halloween pics. I'm not sure where those got downloaded, so who knows when you'll see them. Though I may have stumbled across them while playing around with that Picasa program last night. I'll go look when I'm done with this post.

What good is fall without some fun in the leaves?!? And what better way to clear away the leaves than with a blower? And why wouldn't you use a blower like this?:

Of course, Michael taught DJ that trick, and I had a video of him too, but it isn't uploading for me. So you will just have to go on living life without the experience of having seen "Michael vs. the blower." And yes, that is an inflatable pool on the ground, which is actually what we were blowing off because it had been sitting in the garage for months and had accumulated many leaves.

Sweet wishes!

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