Friday, November 7, 2008

Oops! I fell!

Off the blogging bandwagon, that is.

I owe a HUGE apology to that handfull of you who check my blog regularly (or used to). You know, I jumped on the bandwagon very reluctantly, but I still got off to a great start. I blogged for 27 days straight, intentionally skipped June 25 for Stampin' Up!'s "eScape" from the internet day, and then for another 22 days straight before missing my first day. Over the summer I blogged from Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Utah, and of course, Tennessee.

Our computer problems, which started back in mid-September, are still not resolved. I have been relying heavily on "my" laptop (which I am currently using), but the PC is much easier and quicker for me to use. So that is just one of my excuses. The main thing that has kept me from blogging, though is life in general. Hey, it happens.

the broken computer-------->

We are grateful to have had lots of family to visit over the past several weeks. We mourn the loss of some members of our church family, including two teenage brothers who were killed in a car accident. Back in late August I began watching Christopher again after a two month break during the summer. Christopher is 2 years old, and potty training both him and AJ has taken it's toll on me. I only keep him two days a week, but it still keeps me away from the computer on a regular basis. Choir practice has started back, the glorious fall days have beckoned me outdoors to spend more time with my family, the kids and I have rediscovered card and board games, and I've been attempting to exercise more. So those are a number of other things that have kept me at bay.

And so, while I'd love to promise that I will do better and be back to updating my blog every day, oddly enough, life keeps on happening. Therefore, I will blog when I can, and exercise when I can, and play with my children when I can, and hold Stampin' Up! events when I can, and stamp and scrapbook when I can, and, in general, keep on keeping on.

Sweet wishes!

FYI, my September "Thinkin' Pink" card is still up for grabs. No one has posted a comment that they did their monthly BSE. If you'd like that blank-on-the-inside card, and a coordinating envelope so that you can send it to a friend or loved one, please post a comment to the blog entry found here, or to this entry that you are currently reading, and let me know that you did your BSE in September or October. If it gets claimed within the next few days, I'll put up another one for October, since I missed that entire month of blogging! ~HUGS!!!


Rhonda said...

Glad you are back on line! Missed ya :)

Melissa said...

I was really starting to worry about you. I was going to call you this morning on the way to work, but it was 7am, and I wasn't sure if there was a time difference between us. I was afraid that something really bad had happened! I am so relieved to hear that you are all doing great and are enjoying yourselves!

Love Ya!