Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look what I did today

After DJ's ball game (see the previous post below for details), we came home, ate lunch, and then he was off to a birthday party. It was supposed to be a pool party, but the weather didn't want to cooperate. DJ has only been to a few birthday parties that weren't for family members or close family friends. This party was for a girl in his class, MacKinzie. These parties make me nervous for no reason other than the gift. When the party is for a family member or close friend, it's no big deal to ask what the birthday boy or girl wants, but when it is for someone you don't know so well, it is awkward for me to ask the parents what he or she might want and might be awkward for the parents to give an answer as well. That's why, in addition to the fact that we have WAY too many toys, at DJ's last birthday party, we asked everyone to bring a book to donate to Appalachian Helping Hands instead of bringing a gift.

So we had to give MacKinzie something. When he was invited to another little girl's birthday party last spring, I applied a rub-on to a mirror. It turned out cute, but it didn't seem to be enough. I have more of the mirrors and more rub-ons, but I have been obsessing over what I could do to add to it. On the way home from the T-ball game the idea finally came.

I added a ribbon to the top to hang it with and then a bow holder to the bottom. I had some alligator clip barrettes I had bought a while back to alter with chipboard, but due to the limited time I had between the game and the party, I just added the barrettes unaltered. I was very pleased with the final product. And the Pink Pirouette stripped grosgrain ribbon matched perfectly. I did up a cute bag topper and tag using more Pink Pirouette and rub-ons, but I didn't get to take a picture of it before it walked out the door. ;)

After the boys left for the party, AJ watched a Strawberry Shortcake video we rented for her, and I went to work on this candy jar. I completely copied this idea from a demonstration/display at Convention. The "Spooky" spider is one of our new D├ęcor Elements. Phase 2 will be available for purchase beginning October 1, but this design, in three sizes and two colors is available now.

This candy jar is enormous! Here is another picture with almost 3 lbs of chocolate inside. I didn't take any of the poly-fil out, just threw the candy on top. The one at Convention was this same size, and theirs was about as full only there was just candy inside!

Sweet wishes!

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