Thursday, September 4, 2008

DJ's first T-ball practice

So I originally posted my previous entry (KWerner's color inspiration #21) as I was running out the door to take DJ to his first ever T-ball practice. I've edited the post now, but I had to put up some pictures from the practice. He did AWESOME! Here he is running the bases. Yes, that's Michael waiting for him at 2nd. He's helping out with the practices. There is a coach and an assistant coach, so I don't think he'll be helping during the games, but both my boys had a great time out there tonight!

Later they practiced fielding the ball. DJ didn't let a single ball get by him over at 2nd. He even got some of the hits that were intended for the outfielders. He also did a pretty good job of getting the ball to the first baseman when necessary.
Look out Jeff Francoeur and Brian McCann! DJ is on his way to the majors!

Sweet wishes!

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