Friday, September 26, 2008

A Must See

DJ was supposed to have his second T-ball game tonight, but it got rained out. :( So we went out to dinner and rented some movies. We were pretty sure someone had told us that the movie Nim's Island was a good one (might have been my SIL, Leeann). We decided to give it a try, and for a family movie, it was terrific! There are a lot of movies out there, even rated G ones, that have a phrase here or there or a scene somewhere that just doesn't sit right with me. This movie was just wholesome. I haven't read the book, though I'm sure it is great too. But even from great books often come not-so-great movies. So for those of you who are looking for a great movie, Hallmark storyish without all the cheesiness, go rent Nim's Island.

Sweet wishes!

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