Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Bad Blogging month!

Hey everybody. Long time, no type! We've been having computer issues. One of the hard drives on our desktop is on it's last leg. Michael and I have spent many hours over the past several days trying to copy files that we need from the one drive to another, and it has been one issue after another. First we couldn't burn CDs, then the drives wouldn't recognize each other, and there are still some files that are being super stubborn.

It all started when I noticed that I am showing up on the "Live Traffic Feed" of blogs as Bluefield, West Virginia. I'm not that familiar with Bluefield, WV, but apparently it is about 3 hours away. Anyway, I thought I'd shut down the computer and see if that "fixed" the problem. (My friend Beth over at Stamp Me A Rainbow shuts down her computer every night and every day she appears on the traffic feed as a different location, but they are all like 20 minutes or less from where she lives.) Anyway, when I went to restart the computer, it took over 2 hours to reboot, and Michael decided/discovered? it was the hard drive.

I'm still showing up as Bluefield, WV, so if anyone has any insight on why that might be, it would be appreciated. I know I'm not the only one with these awful computer problems either. Beth had a virus on her computer, and last time I checked my SIL's blog, The Bond Between Us, she mentioned that they were without any internet access at their place. YIKES! I hope this craziness ends soon, for all of us!

I'm blogging from my laptop tonight, which I didn't think of doing until today (duh, well, plus I've been busy), so if the hard drive issues don't get resolved soon, I'll become good buddies with this piece of machinery, I suppose.

Sweet wishes!

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heather said...

Kelly, The VA is just because that is the loacation of the server from your internet carrier. I wouldn't be concerned about it. Your IP address comes from your carrier so where ever they have it running from will show as your location HTH! :)