Saturday, September 27, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

It was wet, chilly, and a muddy mess, but DJ had his second T-ball game of the season this morning. On Saturdays they schedule the games a little further apart than during the week nights, so they got to play all 3 innings. Here's my all star coming into third.

He played pitcher the first inning, short stop the second, and out field the third. Of course in T-ball they don't actually pitch the ball, so he's waiting to make that game winning play at the plate (see the video and description below).
And AJ was ready to step in if a DH was needed. ;)
I got a few videos with my digi camera. Maybe next time we'll take the video camera, but for now this will have to do. Here's the end of the first inning. I'll explain that when the last batter bats, they let everyone on base run home. They don't keep track of runs or outs, so the pitcher stands there and tries to tag the runners before they get home. It's really funny to watch. One inning one of our runners started down the third base line, and then ran right into the dugout without going all the way to home plate. The pitcher from the other team followed him into our dugout to tag him out, and then the next runner was able to score.

Sweet wishes!

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