Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Confessions of a Jigsaw addict

So the real reason I haven't been updating my blog lately is because I've been obsessed with completing a 1000 piece puzzle. Michael and I finally finished it tonight, and I had every intention of sharing it with you, but Blogger had different plans (it is refusing to let me post comments on other blogs or upload pictures to my own...I wonder if it will actually post this update?).

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend at the WELCA convention. I ended up being the delegate from our church because the lady who was supposed to be our delegate was in a bicycle accident about a month ago, and though she is doing okay and was at the convention too, she didn't think she would be able to sit long enough to fulfill her delegate duties. The convention was held at the beautiful Fall Creek Falls State Park. There were some special activities for "young women" ages 14-35 that I was able to participate in, and I made some wonderful new friends! I can't wait to get up to Johnson City to see my friend Kristie and meet her husband.

I didn't get anymore guesses about those mystery veggies, so I guess I'll just have to tell you what they are. I had someone guess pumpkins, someone guess tomatoes, and someone say they looked like apples, but they are lemon cucumbers. Here is the description from Cook's Thesaurus, "lemon cucumber~This versatile cucumber is sweet and flavorful, and doesn't have much of the chemical that makes other cucumbers bitter and hard to digest. Though it's often served raw, it's also a good pickling cucumber." They were very yummy. Michael doesn't like cucumbers, but he liked these. And when I was preparing them for dinner, I asked DJ to guess what they were, and he knew it was a cucumber the second I put it in his mouth, so they do taste like cucumbers, just sweeter or milder or something. They're good.

One last thing for tonight. DJ had his first T-ball game last night! The kids had a great time! There was an announcer calling the game and another one saying the kids names when they got up to bat. They played two innings, and the rule is that they bat through the 10 player line-up each at bat, and they don't count outs or keep score. I took tons of pictures, but I used my *film* camera {gasp!}, so I don't have any to share right now.

I promise I will get back on task tomorrow. Thank goodness that silly puzzle is finally done!

Sweet wishes!

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