Monday, September 1, 2008

Post #100~Back to Biltmore

Wahoo! This is my 100th post. I was so excited until I went to upload my pictures. And now I have a confession to make. I JUST NOW figured out how to upload more than one picture at a time. Obviously in previous posts I've added many, but I've always added them one at a time. It also took me a while to realize that if I clicked and dragged the pictures where I wanted them to go, then you couldn't click on the picture to see it larger. After I figured that out (with Beth's help), I began uploading them individually in reverse order. I just saw the "Add another picture" button, so now I can upload up to 5 pictures at a the correct order. If I want to upload more than 5 pics, then I still have to do my groups in reverse order, but the main point is that I'm going to save a lot of time from here on out. And it only took me 100 posts to get there.

So today we went to the Biltmore Estate again. One of my very first posts was about a trip we took back in May. We have 12-month passes, so it was time to go again. When we got there, we walked up the long hill to the statue of Diana.
What goes up must come down, and what better way to get down a hill?
The main reason I wanted to go to the Estate was to see the flower carpet on the South Terrace. There were bees swarming all around the pink flowers on the edge here, and AJ was fascinated. I could NOT get her to look at the camera, so I finally said, "There's something on my head." That explains their expressions...but hey, they were looking.
Then my friend was faced with the same challenge, to get us all to look at the camera while she took a picture with the flower carpet and Biltmore House in the background.
Next we went down to the Spring Garden, where we stopped to smell the roses. Well, AJ smelled everything, to the dismay of a few now petal-less plants.
And we discovered that men and women have a totally different sense of smell. The roses the girls liked the best, the boys thought stunk, and the ones the boys liked, the girls thought were mediocre. Here's one that DJ was not so fond of.
Yes, if we had held the leaf down to the ground, it was the size of AJ, but this is a stinkin' cute picture!
Then we visited the koi in the Italian Garden. They had just been fed and were very active.
Finally, after an ice cream break and a partial walk through the house (mainly just the basement because the kids are usually exhausted by the time we get down there when we go through the whole house), AJ did her "traditional" pose with the lion. Now to just convince her this is not a tiger. Oh well, it's a big cat, it roars, and we see it at the zoo...I'll give her partial credit...she is just 2 1/2.
Sweet wishes!

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