Friday, June 11, 2010

A First Grader no longer

Warning: Proud Mom Moment!
Last July I went back to work part time as an elementary music teacher at a year-round school. We decided that, since the schedule was quite different from the other schools in the area, DJ would attend the school where I taught. Our last day of school was last Wednesday, and the school awards night and family picnic was the evening prior. DJ earned the 1st grade award for Academic Excellence in his class. (His class was a 1st & 2nd grade split.) Here he is with his teacher, Ms. L, and the assistant teacher, Mrs. P, is on the right edge of the picture. DJ had a wonderful year, and we just loved Ms. L and Mrs P. He'll miss them when he goes on to 2nd grade. :(

He was also chosen as the 1st grade boy for the PE award, but the file of the picture that Mrs. P took (because I was up front to hand out the music awards) somehow was "corrupt," and I couldn't get it to import off the memory card from my camera. Oh well.

Sweet wishes!

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