Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Saw Rock City!

So the day after we went to Ruby Falls and saw the cool rock formations under ground, we decided to venture out to Rock City and see the cool rock formations above ground. Again, I took tons of pictures but limited myself to 10 for this post.

We got to meet Rocky before we even went in the gate.
Let me just say that posing for pictures is A LOT easier when you're not in a group of 40 people passing through some tiny caverns hundreds of feet below the earth's surface. So we posed for several today!
More posing.
And more.
Oh here, this one isn't posed. It was the first of a few VERY NARROW passage ways.
Uh, back to posing. I think this is my favorite, though.
Here, we're crossing the stone bridge. Jo and I decided that this was good enough, and we let everyone else try out the swinging bridge without us.
Another narrow path. This one's called Fat Man Squeeze...I promise. Zoom in on that sign above DJ's head, and see for yourself.
Another pose before entering Fairyland Caverns.
And one final pose for the day.
So now when we see those "SEE ROCK CITY" signs we just say, "We did!"

Sweet wishes!

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