Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some Tennessee Volunteers

Today Michael, the kids and I went over to the Camp Creek/Horse Creek area to help with some of the disaster relief efforts from the devastating storms that came through our area on April 27.
A sampling of what we passed along the way to the site where we were assigned, by FEMA, to help.
On the property. Fortunately, no one lived in this trailer, and no one in the immediate vicinity was killed. Five homes surrounding the property were completely destroyed, and not all of them were mobile homes.The kids and I picked up LOTS of trash. DJ helped haul tree limbs too.
Takin' a break.
Michael and another volunteer hauling a tub.
Three other ladies hauling another tub.
AJ & DJ were fascinated by the burning brush pile!
After three hours of hard work, we were ALL exhausted.
When we first arrived at the FEMA site, DJ asked, "Are we getting paid to do this?" To which I responded, "No, we're volunteers." He then clarified, "No, I mean are you and Daddy going to give us chore money?" I went into a further explanation of what it means to be a volunteer and how we were helping people and such. He seemed to understand.

Later, while we were working at the property AJ told Michael, "This is actually lots of fun...until you get hot. Then it isn't fun anymore."

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves and are glad we were able to help out in our neighboring community. We did go out for ice cream after we came home and got cleaned up. It was a great day!

Sweet wishes!

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