Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who says the 2nd child is the neglected one?

AJ's birthday was back in January, and she got two huge posts dedicated just to her. So you would think I would do the same for DJ sometime during his birthmonth of February. I had every intention of doing just that, but it never happened, so here is my long awaited post:

Dedicated to DJ

You may remember that last fall, DJ played t-ball with the YMCA. Well, we were all ready for him to get involved in another sport, and he finally opted for basketball. Let me interject with this one quick comment: I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! Michael got it for me for Christmas. It's a Canon PowerShot SX110IS; a point & shoot. It has 10x optical zoom plus maybe 6x digital, of course the optical is much better than the digital, but still...I was sitting on the opposite side of the court when I took the pictures below. The camera also is 9 mega pixels. I don't know much about cameras, but I know I love mine!

Anyway, here is DJ at basketball practice. Now AJ is most certainly our little Diva and entertainer, but rarely will DJ miss his moment to rally up the crowd or pose in the spotlight. This pic was taken with the digital zoom, and you can see it is grainier than the other one.Apparently this year we made a habit of stretching out our birthday celebrations for both kids. Their birthdays were on one day, we had cupcakes at school another, went out to dinner a different night, and then had a birthday party (or two...soon I'll post pics from their joint party with friends and family in GA). So here's my little man with his cupcake at school. The two kindergarten classes have snack time together, so when you bring birthday treats, or any kind of special treats, they ask you to bring enough for both classes. Now I am a cake decorator, but I was not in the mood to decorate 40 cupcakes, so I found these Pirates of the Caribbean gummy snacks at the $1 store, and grabbed them up. Spread your icing; plop on the dec; done. The day before his birthday party, DJ lost his second top front tooth. Here's my toothless wonder. When he lost his first top tooth, I had tricked him into getting a picture (he was embarrassed about it and wouldn't let me take a pic, but I got him and AJ to make funny faces for the camera, and it worked), but I never got around to posting it on here, so when we went to GA for the birthday party, everyone was shocked by his missing-tooth-grin, so family, here you go. DJ's favorite cartoon right now is Ben 10. It comes on the Cartoon Network from 7-7:30 weekday mornings. Ben is a boy who somehow has this watch-type-thing that allows him to turn into 10 different aliens and save the world from bad aliens. Sometimes he can choose which alien he turns into, and sometimes he can't; so there may be a situation when he wants to turn into a fireball guy to evaporate flood waters, but instead he becomes this roly-poly guy. No, I've never watched an entire episode, so I've just picked up these tid-bits here and there. The symbol on his watch was the theme for the invitations and cake. We even made foam versions of the watch as a craft at the party, but I don't have pictures of them. And he got the store bought version as a gift--I don't have a pic of it either. Here's the invitation. And some pics from the party. What can I say, he may look like his daddy, but he takes after his mommy! Still lovin' Star Wars! (He does get that from Daddy, and Aunt Tina.) And this cake was just about as simple as the cupcakes! Thanks for such an easy-to-reproduce-symbol, Ben 10!Sweet wishes!

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Beth said...

Aw, I miss that toothless smile already! It was so good to see you all-oh and from where did the watch come from? My 5yo now "needs" one. Guess that's kind of like "needing" a stamp set huh? Super cool cake too, supermom!!