Friday, February 6, 2009

Another AJ post

My little lady is three-years-old now. Here are some highlights of the days (yes, that's supposed to be plural) we spent celebrating. We took cupcakes to school. She didn't wear the hat for long, but Ms. Amy and I were able to convince her to put it on long enough for me to get a picture.
We had a lot of fun at her birthday party. A few friends from church joined us for a princess carnival. Here are the girls.
And the boys. They were all dressed up when they arrived, but "Fritter" took his doggy costume off before the party even started.
We played all kinds of carnival games. Here's AJ trying to catch butterflies in the net. We also had a cake walk of sorts, a version of basketball, an interesting interpretation of Hot Potato, and in addition to all the carnival prizes, everyone got a temporary tattoo. AJ's was a ballerina sea horse, but we didn't get a picture of it.
And what princess carnival party is complete without a princess cake? However, I'll admit my horrible mom-ness and confess that we didn't have any candles for her to blow out, so the next morning (her actual birthday) we put candles on her pancakes. When she "spit" them out, we realized it was quite alright that we had forgotten them the night before. :)
Sweet wishes!

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Beth said...

Um...and WHERE would you have put the candles??? Tee hee!
Looks like it was loads of fun! I can't believe how BIG they're all getting - and, go figure, we don't age a day!