Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bigger boxes from the Box #2 die

First of all, let me say, I love my customers. They are wonderful ladies. They love to come stamp with me, and I love to have them. Right now, I am particularly thankful for Jill. She ordered a Big Shot starter kit earlier this month and was the first member of my Big Shot Club, but that's not why I'm lovin' her right now. I was offering a pretty cool SU!per Bowl Sunday special, which she took advantage of, and got some free dies in addition to the ones that come in the starter kit. I jokingly said that I might play with them before I delivered them to her, and she enthusiastically said I could!

So, play with them, I have. I cut at least 14 different colors of CS to make tons of labels/tags with the Lots of Tags sizzlits. And then there was also the Box #2 bigz xl, my own Big Shot starter kit arrived about a week before Jill's, and I still have yet to touch some of my dies, but that Box #2 has been very loved over the past week.

I first tried to cut the box out of a 4 1/4 x 11" piece of CS, so as to get two out of one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of CS, but unless you don't want the box to close, that doesn't work. Though I'm sure I will come up with some type of closure--like a round tab punch attached with some velcro (that JUST came to me).

Anyway, I needed a box to put some little goodies in for my friend Julie (she's in my downline), one of which was a SU! logo pen. The Box #2 wasn't long enough, so I thought, "I'll cut out two of them and attach them together to make a longer one." And that's what I did. Now the first time I tried it worked, sort of, but I didn't think it all the way through before I started taking pictures for a tutorial. So I tried again, and thought I had an easy way to make the tutorial, but that attempt totally failed, and then I couldn't figure out how I had actually made the first one, so I had to look back at the pictures I took.

Well, I finally figured it out, and I hope by the picture tutorial below, you can too.

I started by cutting two boxes. I cut the first like this. Basically I trimmed the little tab off one end and the last pannel off the other. I used the score lines as guides.

Here is how I cut the second box. Unfortunately, I cannot give you exact measurements. I cut the right hand side just inside the edge if the bottom flap. I roughly measured the length of the top from the outter edge to the cut and then cut the left hand side the same length only from the first score line instead of the outter edge. Does that make sense?

Then I cut away the extra little tabs from the bottom of the two pieces.

Here are the three pieces you need to go on to the next step and complete your box.

Next I attached the pieces with Sticky Strip.

The first box I made, which can be seen in my Splitcoast gallery by clicking here, was 5 1/2-ish" long. So the pieces all overlapped a little more than in the picture to the left and I had to use more sticky strip, but for this tutorial, I didn't want to use more sticky strip, so I attached the pieces to make about a 6" box.

Be sure to decorate the outside of your box BEFORE you put it together. Then add sticky strip to the little tab on the end and attach it to the inside of the flap on the opposite side.

Finish your box with ribbon, a tag, a label, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Hey, check back over the next few days for more fun stuff with this Box #2 die. You won't want to miss it!

Sweet wishes!

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BRILLIANT!!! I love this alteration...cute cute box!!!

Terra said...

Great job! Thanks for the tutorial.