Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I had every intention of blogging yesterday...

...but here's why I didn't get around to it.
I was getting ready to cut all this glorious DSP for a paper swap for my customers.
Here are all 37 packs once they have been opened. I'm still waiting on two packs of the Manchester, because it was on back order. (But they have shipped and are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, so once I get back from our trip to Atlanta this weekend, I'll have the swaps ready to be delivered.)
The details of the swap are: I am cutting the paper into 6x6 "shares", and everyone will receive a piece of each design in each pack. So, there is six pieces of each of 20 different DSPs for a total of 120 squares of paper! Some people purchased two shares, so they will receive 6x12 pieces. My customers and I chose not to include the Patterns DSP in this swap, but it does include the new Specialty papers that are glossy or textured heavy weight papers. Several of my customers already have the Candy Lane paper from the Valentine's Bundle class I just had, so they will be receiving 114 pieces (6 each of 19, and a lower price).

If you missed out on this swap, and are interested in participating, let me know. If I get at least four people or four shares, I will host a new swap. The cost is $35.00 for one share (6x6 square), $65.00 for two shares or a half sheet (6x12), or $125.00 if you'd like one whole sheet (4 shares) of each design. That's a terrific deal! Yes, the cost goes down the more shares you purchase, but that's less cutting for me, and therefore a smaller "handling" fee.

Also, if you are interested in participating in a Patterns DSP swap, let me know. A share of the Patterns paper swap will be $23.00. That is a flat fee for each share. Again if I get at least four shares worth of orders I will host this swap.

You can call me, email me, or leave a comment on this post to let me know you are interested. Those of you who live out of town can add $2.00 per share to have your order shipped to you once I prepare it.

Sweet wishes!

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