Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another busy weekend

We've got family in town, we've been out all day, and we've got a big "Thank you" celebration after church tomorrow that we are hosting. We got the community center cafeteria all decorated, the tea is almost done, the cake is baked, but I still have to make icing, ice it, and decorate it, and I've got to make a batch of lasagna roll ups. I was planning to make two batches, but I don't have enough noodles, so I only have to make one...I'm glad I have this problem. Everything else is over in the refrigerators at the community center for me to stick in the oven tomorrow morning.

On top of it all I'm sick. Don't know what, though. DJ has strep again, but I'm pretty sure that's not what I have this time. It may be a sinus infection, or just sinuses and allergies (which I've never had before) acting up.

All this equals a lousy blog post. Sorry! I promise tomorrow will be better....

Sweet wishes!

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