Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Myrtle Beach adventures

On Monday evening we went and played putt-putt at a Dinosaur themed course. It was fun, but even at 10pm, it was HOT & STICKY!!!

My little man is *almost* a Tiger Woods in the making. ;) And he wasn't the least bit worried about the anamatronic T-Rex. (But the pic I took w/ the flash didn't show the dino, so I had to take it with the night function and hold it while lying on my back...hence the blur.)

Yesterday we spent most of the day down at the beach. I think DJ left the condo around 10am and returned around 5pm. Of course he then crashed before dinner and would not wake up for anything.

Here are AJ and I in a wonderfully fun tube. She didn't last much longer after this pic was taken, though. And, yes, she is darker than her mama. :[

Sweet wishes!

ps. remember to check the updated discontinued accessories list.

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Beth said...

Woo hoo-more beach pix! It looks wonderful-I can't wait. And a great big "you go girl!" for putting a BATHING SUIT picture up, lol! Hugs!!