Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Blog's first scrapbook page

Okay, so as soon as I typed that title, I realized that it is a little misleading. This is obviously an incomplete scrapbook page. There are no pictures or journaling...the two most important parts of a scrapbook...PLUS, I just remembered that I showed you that whole 6 x 6 two-sheet-wonder brag book. So I guess the title should really be: My Blog's first not-quite-finished scrapbook page that I made myself. Maybe that would be more accurate.

Anyway, we made the page element--not the whole page--at Kathy's workshop yesterday. It was "adjustable" in that the "Tempting Turquoise" (it's really Cool Caribbean, but that's retired) was an 11" piece that could be layered with the Old Olive strip at the end to make it 12" for a 12 x 12 page (that's what I used), or the Old Olive strip could be layered over the Turquoise to keep it 11" for an 8 1/2 x 11 page, or the 11" could be trimmed down for an 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 page. Most everyone chose to do the 12 x 12 size, but one lady said she wanted to keep her options open, so she took all the stamped pieces and was going to assemble it later. She was my "dare to be different" lady all evening, and it was fun to see her work.

So you may remember this card that I posted last week. I used the pieces from this Make-N-Take kit to create my page element. Inspiration is everywhere, and I was all about thinking out of the box yesterday. Plus the pieces were already cut, YEA!, So it required no prep time...other than the time it took me to come up with the idea, which was how the majority of my day was spent yesterday.

The Be Happy stamp set is on the list of stamp sets that will retire August 10, so if you are liking what you see here, be sure to contact me to order this set soon.

Sweet wishes!

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Beth said...

Cuuute-I love how it transitioned from a card to a page! Fun colors, too!