Monday, June 23, 2008

Guys I'm sorry...

...but life still hasn't calmed down here. Granny, Brett, and Kelly left shortly after lunch, but I didn't even get to say goodbye to Brett & Kelly because Michael was showing them around the church and community center when I had to leave for my follow up appt. with the Orthopedic dr.

THAT was a pain in the rear...not to mention the wrist. I think I told him more than he told me. He looked over my chart and said that the MRI results indicated that my problem is just chronic tendinitis. (Well, duh, the nurse called me and told me that over a week ago.) He said that it can sometimes respond well to a steroid injection, or we could just do an oral anti-inflammatory. He said he would let me choose, so I reminded him that I had been on a prescription anti-inflammatory back in November, and I've taken two Aleve a day since then, but to no avail. So, he then decided that we would do the injection. I HATE NEEDLES! I was freaking out, but I guess it was all good. It still hurts and is WAY more swollen than it had been before, but hopefully in the long run...

Then he told me I should wear a brace, and I thought, "Like the one I brought last time that you said wouldn't help at all with the problem I probably had?" But I just reminded him that I had a brace that I was reluctant to wear because it makes the palm of my hand break out in a heat/sweat rash. So he said he'd see if they could find another brace that would work. The nurse came in with something extremely similar to the brace I own, and when she put it on me and I told her that it was extremely similar to the brace I own, she said, "Oh, you already have a brace?" The doc obviously did a fabulous job of telling her the information I had just shared with him. The nurse gave me the helpful idea of cutting a cotton sock to put between the brace and my skin to try and help with the rash problem. And then the insurance lady, who is a member of our church, gave me a wrist support glove that has been helpful already. (THANKS FRANKIE!)

Anyway, on top of all that I had to get more supplies for VBS crafts, and FINALLY get everything organized for the rest of the week. (Well, not everything, but at least it's all written down so that my helpers will know what is going on and can actually help me instead of just following my hasty orders--sorry ladies.) Oh, and DJ and Michael are both sick now, so keep them in your prayers. PLEASE, God, don't let me be next (although I am currently trying to ward off a UTI)!

Alright, I will make no promises as to when there may be craft themed posts appearing on this blog again, but I will remind you that there will be no post on Wednesday in honor of Stampin' Up!'s "eScape" promotion. Contact me for more info!

Sweet wishes!