Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A confession & my darling daughter

I believe that all paper crafters are hoarders of something. I'm a hoarder. I hoard lots of somethings: card stock, designer series paper, ribbon, buttons, brads, well, pretty much all of my non-bulk buy accessories; but worst of all, I hoard CARDS! I easily have over 100 of them, possibly close to 200. Cards I've made for challenges, classes, workshops, demonstrations, and just because. I make and make and make cards, and then I never give/send them to anyone. Some of the cards I've even made for a specific person or event, and still, it sits in my drawer over a year later or more. Isn't that horrible?!?

Well, I'm trying to break that trend. Last week I mailed out at least 10 cards just because. Of course just as fast as I'm sending them out, I'm making new ones to replace them. AJ found a cute ribbon in her hair accessories drawer, and she just HAD to wear it the other day. One end was trimmed at an angle, but the other was flat, so I of course had to trim the flat end. And what else am I going to do with that little scrap of ribbon, but make a card with it?Here's AJ with the hair bow and the card. Actually, AJ did most of the work on this card. She chose the stamp set and the colors, she stamped all the flowers, and she happened to find the stamped, oval punched sentiment stuck to my desk, so we used it. No, that ribbon is not SU! Sorry. We immediately mailed this card out to "Grandma & Poppy," so at least this one didn't get to collect any dust.
In addition to being a budding stamper (she helped me with my window sheet class this evening--pics from that coming soon), she's also started this darling habit of responding to all affirmatively answered questions by saying, "Sure I do!" Watch:

Sweet wishes!

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed AJ helping last night. She may grow up and be a Stampin Up lady like her mom.