Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not your typical wedding card

This past Sunday, Michael's former seminary classmate and our friend, Joseph, and his beautiful bride, Sarah, got married. Joseph and Sarah are both Lutheran pastors, and they love all things having to do with the great outdoors. They have such a genuine appreciation for God's glorious creation, including its people, as was made evident through their wedding registry, which is with Heifer International, an organization that assists people in developing countries attain a sustainable source of food for their families and communities. This is the card I made for them. I was going for my hearts and flowers and "typical" wedding card images and colors when I remembered their invitation, which was sitting in the dining room. I went and grabbed it, and that was all the inspiration I needed.
The wedding was wonderful. Joseph and Sarah met and were married at a Lutheran camp. (For those of you who don't know, Michael and I happen to have met at a Lutheran camp too.) The service was beautiful, and the Tree of Life theme was evident throughout. Even though this card was super simple to create, I hope the newly weds appreciate the inspiration and love that went into it.

Sweet wishes!

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Melissa said...

Impressive! Yours has to be their favorite!