Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a bright SUNSHINE-y day!

It honestly was a gorgeous day today! The first day in a while when we've seen all sun and no rain. A perfect day for washing the car, a baseball game, spending time at the pool, and celebrating National Scrapbooking Month~all of which I did today!

This morning I held my Stampin' Scrapfest 2009. I had five ladies in attendance, two of whom were first time crafters with me. We used elements from the Sunshine Garden Simply Scrappin' Kit to complete our projects. I charged $10.00 for the class, and offered a choice of three different projects. I also allowed them to make more than one project for an additional $5.00 per project.

Their first choice was eight 12"x12" scrapbook pages.
Choice #2 was a 6"x6" brag book. Here is the cover.
And here are the "pages;" it is an accordion-style brag book.
One of my very loyal customers DOES NOT scrapbook, so the final choice was a set of ten cards.
Two of the ladies had chosen to do the 12x12 pages and cards, but then when they got here and saw the brag book, they decided they wanted to do all three (and for $20, who could blame them?!?). Then I had one lady do just cards, one do the brag book, and another do just the scrapbook pages; I also had two ladies order two sets of card kits each.

If you are interested, I still have four kits available. You can choose any of the three options. The cost is $10.00 for your first kit, $5.00 for each additional kit, and $3.00 per kit for shipping. I will include close-up pictures and any necessary instructions. These kits are available while supplies last. Click on the "Email Me" button toward the top of the right hand side bar to order.

Sweet wishes!

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