Monday, May 4, 2009

Gettin' sticky wit' it

Okay, so after having the "I can't think of an original title," I come up with this. Sorry. If you don't know to what I am referring with the title, it's okay. Michael and I are big fans of Will Smith.

So the first Saturday of April, I had a What do I do with THIS??? class focusing on our line of "sticky" products: Sticky Cut Letters, Sticky Strip, Sticky Pages & Sticky Cuts Sweet (of which everyone got their own pack). Below is the first card we made. I CASEd this card by lea_65. I love how she used the two shades of glitter, but I needed to use the micro beads with this one, because I used glitter on the other projects.
For our second card, I CASEd my BFF, Beth. You can see her card here. Btw, if you get a chance, please go visit her GORGEOUS blog. She just had Michelle Laycock over at Laycock Designs give it a total facelift, and it looks FABULOUS!!!!!
I sent this card to another BFF of mine to congratulate her on the arrival of her 5th son! I stamped 5 little duckies inside. :) I made two other samples with this layout, but I am sending them to my brother and his wife for their birthdays later this month. And although I don't think they visit my blog very often, knowing my luck, they'd see their cards on here before they received them in the mail. So I'll post them after they go postal.

Our third project was the altered frappucino bottle at the bottom of my Easter Projects post.

Sweet wishes!

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