Sunday, May 3, 2009

The missing pictures

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I wanted to link a picture and then when I went to find it, I realized that it didn't exist. I don't remember now for what event we made this card; I think it *might* have been one of the workshops with the ladies at Christ UMC. I CASEd the idea from this card by Tkfite. Hers is MUCH more detailed and involved, but (a) I don't have that paper, (b) I didn't yet have the orange bead duo, but I think Tkfite's card was one of the reasons I ended up purchasing it, (c) it was for a workshop and needed to be relatively simple, and (d) I wanted to incorporate stamping and use one of my favorite stamp sets.

I did, finally, find the other card I was looking for in my SCS gallery. I made it for a challenge, but this picture is less blurry, and I added a few more beads (because I did happen to have those beads).

Sweet wishes!

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