Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2 and the bus ride

Since I didn't get any posed pictures from the first day of school, I made sure to take one before he left on Monday. Today is day 3, he goes again on Friday, and then next Monday starts going every day. Of course, even then he only goes 4 days that week and the next because they have Friday-Monday off for Labor Day weekend. But so far he loves it!
While big brother was at school, AJ helped me get some stamping projects done. I have a vision of starting a card ministry for Michael to be able to send birthday, anniversary, get well soon, thinking of you, and all kinds of cards to the church members. If this is something that has been done here in the past, no one has said anything to him about it, and there was no stock of cards...until now. ;) Hopefully, I'll get enough completed for the ministry to launch in September.Monday afternoon DJ rode the "big kid" bus home. Last year there was a bus for the Headstart program, but it was just kids from his Pre-K class, they all wore seat belts, there was a bus aide, and parents had to sign them on and off the bus. However, even though we only live 1.5 miles from the school, because of the route that the bus driver took, DJ was on the bus for over an hour and a half! He was a little aprehensive about riding the bus this year, but he agreed to give it a try on Monday. He's the 5th or 6th stop, the bus comes straight down the road from the school to our house, and he LOVED it! The school is Pre-K through 8th grade, so there are all ages on the bus, but he knows some of the older boys from church, and I think Mr. Brobeck is going to take good care of him.
Sweet wishes!

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