Saturday, August 30, 2008

No excuses

I've been a bad blogger. Well, for me anyway. I used to be so good about updating every day, but lately I've been slacking off. Perhaps I would feel a little more motivated if people would post comments more often (thanks Dee!). ;)

Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day. DJ has off Friday and Monday for the Labor Day weekend, so we went to Bays Mountain Park up in Kingsport. They have deer and wolves and birds of prey and otters and bobcats and fish and raccoons and turtles. Then we went to Chick-fil-a at the Johnson City mall for lunch, and ended the day at Fun Expedition. Fun Expedition is in a huge warehouse building and they have arcade games, putt-putt, a rock climbing wall, batting cages, indoor and outdoor go carts, bumper cars, mini bowling, and a great play area. They also have a pizza, pasta, and salad buffet, which we enjoyed for dinner. I took tons of pictures (like 137 and 2 videos), but haven't uploaded them from my camera yet.

Look what I've been working on instead.

I haven't completed a scrapbook layout since before AJ was born. This one is for DJ's 3rd year album. His first year is about 6 layouts shy of being complete, his second year has one layout, and now his third year has one layout too. Oh well. But I have a workshop coming up on Tuesday, and this will be one of the samples I show. The picture of me pulling DJ in the upper right corner of the red page will be covered by a pull-out journaling block. I look horrible in the picture anyway (I did just have a baby 11 days before), so I won't mind too much if people don't pull out the journaling to see the picture. But I couldn't have a page without journaling somewhere. I mean, not that I like to talk or anything. ;D

Sweet wishes!

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