Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My own Causes for Celebration!

So I am totally taking the title for my post from Shelli's most recent update on her blog. But my causes for celebration are a little different than hers. I got two forwarded emails from my sister a little while ago. One was the news that we have a new niece. I don't even know her name yet, because I can't get a hold of my step-mother over the phone! All the email said was, "Paige had a baby girl yesterday at 4 pm. 5 lbs 4 oz. Everyone is fine." But isn't she adorable just the same? The other email Lindsey sent was to show off what she got for her birthday. Just what she needed...another dog. *rolling eyes* But here is Hugo. Lindsey's birthday is not until Sunday, but they actually picked him up from the Humane Society earlier this week, and then took him to the vet.

When Wesley, Lindsey's boyfriend, picked Hugo up from the vet, there were two extra tags. One of them, he knew, was the rabies vaccination info, but he wasn't sure what the other one was. *wink*

Here is the other tag:
When she finally wrestled Hugo still long enough to read it herself, she turned around to see Wesley holding this:
My baby sister is getting married!!! It is going to be a long engagement, but I am still SO excited for her!!!!! YEA!!!!!!! Congratulations Lindsey and Wesley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to top it all off, they just bought a new house and moved in last week, so their life is FULL of excitement right now--new house, new dog, new engagement, oh, and Lindsey has a new teaching job this year! So those are my causes for celebration at the moment.

Sweet wishes!

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