Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DJ's first day of Kindergarten

Well, since the camera has resurfaced, I have several days worth of blog entries to post, but I know several of you have been waiting for this one, so here's DJ on his first day of school. I am sorry to say that I didn't take any posed pictures of him, and I forgot to take a picture of him with the two Kindergarten teachers. We won't know which class he will be in until the staggered enrollment period is over this week, but we all like them both and he will be spending a lot of time with both, so I wanted to get his picture with both...

It's always been difficult to get AJ to leave DJ at school, or to leave the school when we pick him up in the afternoon. He'd be ready to go home and she'd be running from center to center discovering all she could in the short time we were in the classroom. I cannot wait for her to start preschool next year, and she can't either! Here she is making a "snow angel."
DJ's favorite color right now is red. So naturally he sat at the table with the red chairs.
Then AJ found the "magic wands" (aka pointers for the teacher to use). This was the first one she found, but then she found a pink one and a purple one. She insisted on having her picture taken with all of them, but this pic turned out the best.
When I went to pick DJ up that afternoon, he said, "Mama, I like going to Kindergarten!" And then proceeded to tell me about the delicious taco he had for lunch. ;) But I'm confident this year will be a great one!

Sweet wishes!

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